Regardless if you drink or eat things consistently that can stain your teeth, your teeth are likely to lose their luster at some point. Luckily, there are ways you can effectively whiten your teeth utilizing various procedures, treatments, and products. In this article, we will be going over some of the different new teeth whitening procedures and products available on the marketplace to optimise your teeth whitening efforts.

Different and New Teeth Whitening Procedures and Products: 

1. Mouthwash (Less Effective) 

While this can be a good product to get into your routine if you are looking to improve your smile and maintain a healthy white smile, it is not going to effectively remove stains that you have accumulated over the years. Because of this, it is not a recommended treatment option if you are simply looking to get whiter teeth fast. While you should still utilize this type of product in your teeth care routine, you will need to invest in much stronger treatments or procedures to get the lasting results that you are likely seeking.

2. Whitening Toothpaste (Somewhat Effective) 

Whitening toothpaste is another product that you will likely be considering on the marketplace as it is consistently being marketed by all of the major toothpaste manufacturers. These products are somewhat effective because they are products you will be using on a consistent basis. While they will work at lifting stains properly, they are not going to provide the long lasting results that you are likely seeking in your whitening efforts. However, these toothpaste products are great for teeth whitening maintenance. Therefore, you should find a good toothpaste with the proper whitening ingredients like peroxide and even kaolin clay to achieve the best results with it.

3. Whitening Kits With Gel (Less Effective) 

Whitening kits are products on the market that do work. However, their effectiveness is diminished because the use of these kits and the success rate depends largely on the user. If the user is not consistent with the kit usage nor responsible enough to follow the directions exactly as described, the kit can become useless. Peroxide is an effective whitening ingredient. However, when it is not used for the proper duration, it can become completely useless for the task of whitening teeth. Therefore, the directions must be followed exactly to achieve the kind of whitening results that you want from these kits.

3. White strips (More Effective) 

Whitening strips are much more effective primarily because they apply the peroxide directly to your teeth and it is much easier to keep the treatment on your teeth for the specified time that is needed to see results. These strips are effective at everything from lifting daily stains to stains you have accumulated over the years.


4. Philips Zoom QuickPro (Very Effective) 

This particular procedure is fairly new and it offers exceptional results for those that are looking for long lasting whitening results. This procedure offers innovative technology that effectively opens the pores of the teeth in order to allow the peroxide to be able to penetrate deep into the teeth to brighten the smile. However, the treatment is going to be more for those that have lighter stains on the teeth. The procedure is not entirely effective for those that need a lot of stains removed. Typically, you would utilise another take-home type of whitening treatment in order to maintain the results.

5. Philips Zoom Whitespeed (Very Effective) 

This is perhaps one of the most expensive procedures that you can invest in when it comes to getting your teeth whitened. However, the procedure happens to be the most effective at the same time. This procedure takes around 45 minutes and it will end up brightening your smile up to 8 shades. The treatment works by leveraging the use of LED light technology and by providing you with take-home whitening trays for maintenance. Typically, the results should last anywhere up to 5 years.

6. BriteSmile (Very Effective) 

This is another very effective in-office procedure that will be provided by a dentist. This type of method has been used for years. This procedure operates much like Philips Zoom by utilising a combination of gel and a blue light in order to achieve the whitening results. The procedure should take around one hour to complete.

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7. Lumibrite (Very Effective) 

This is another procedure on the market that works to effectively whiten your teeth. It helps those that might be dealing with teeth sensitivities. It utilises both whitening gel and a whitening light in order to penetrate and whitening teeth. Because the procedure was designed for the use of those with sensitivities, it does not emit or use harmful UV rays. Instead, the gel is made to be concentrated and strong enough to work on its own without light activation.



8. Opalescence (Very Effective) 

With this treatment, you utilise a 40% concentrated gel containing peroxide. However, it does counteract the heavy use of peroxide with high levels of potassium nitrate which can help minimise sensitivities that you might experience. Along with this, it contains fluoride as well which can help to strengthen enamel simultaneously. You can also get pre-made trays meant for teeth whitening if you wish either to use on their own or to combine and use as a maintenance product to maintain a brighter smile for a longer duration.

Overall, there are a lot of different products and/or new teeth whitening procedures that you can choose from if you are looking to whiten your teeth. Typically, you will be able to achieve the best results by investing in and implementing a combination of the different products and procedures discussed above. Being able to find the right treatment for you is key.

If you are dealing with major sensitivities in your teeth, you will likely want to opt for less invasive and less harsh new teeth whitening procedures. The treatments that contain a lot of peroxides and that utilise harmful UV rays can be rough on sensitive teeth. Therefore, you want to find a treatment like Lumibrite which will help you get whiter teeth without having to worry about the sensitivities.