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From cleanings to pain concerns, fillings, and crowns we offer a variety of dental health services to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Dental Hygiene has been proven to dramatically affect the rest of your body we want our patients to be as healthy as can be!

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Why Choose a Hungarian Dentist Clinic for your Dental Treatments?

Posted by Robert Kennell on June 25, 2019

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Hungarian dental treatments are in high demand and offer very affordable dental treatments which will save many patients a lot of money in the long run. Hungarian dentists offer exemplary dental care and huge savings. Hungary is one of the most significant locations for dental treatments and internationally recognised for high standards of dentist education. Hungary is ranked in the top 3 for dental tourism destinations. You are guaranteed to be treated by the best dental experts, using the latest and modern equipment.

  • Affordable Dental Treatments
  • Patients can save a lot of money on many dental treatments such as dental implants, dental crowns and bridges, veneers, dental cleaning, tooth extractions, and much more.

  • Highly educated and skilled dentists
  • The high quality of practical and theoretical training in Hungarian dental universities not only attracts patients to the country but also foreign medical students to study dentistry in hungry.

  • Quality dental materials
  • All patients are treated using the highest quality materials on the market and internationally recognised brands of dental lab materials and dental implants.

  • A supporting team who are experienced and skilled
  • The dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism will ensure all patients get the quality of service that they seek.

  • Attention to detail
  • All patients will be fully assessed prior to treatment, including x rays or scans.

  • Exceptional results that are kind to your teeth
  • Successful dentistry is not about making teeth look good, the health of your teeth is an absolute priority. Your gums and teeth condition are paramount during your dental treatments.

  • A range of cosmetic dentistry is available
  • There are many cosmetic treatments available to you including teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, dental veneers, composite filling, and much more. They even recommend natural pain relief after procedures such as advice on the use of CBD.


    Reshape and brighten up your smile with dental veneers. A dental veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth. Veneers are the perfect option for you if your teeth are worn, chipped, or stained. Veneers are durable and strong, stain resistant, and long-lasting. There is no recovery time after placement procedure you can carry on immediately after with normal activities.

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a popular alternative to dentures and bridges. Implants are the most advanced solution if you have missing teeth. They are durable and will last for many years. The main advantages of implants include improved comfort, convenience, and natural appearance. They will allow you to talk, eat, and smile with confidence.


    Braces are a device that is used to align or straighten your teeth and to improve your dental health. They are also used to correct under bites, deep bites, and crooked teeth, and many other dental problems. In most cases, invisible braces are ideal and are the most recommended option. The main benefits of having braces is to straighten and align your teeth but they also have many other benefits which include prevent gum disease, help with proportions and can prevent an injury.

    A Guide To Finding Reliable Teeth Whitening Experts

    Posted by Robert Kennell on November 20, 2018

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    Our oral health is something that we cannot afford to ignore owing to how our teeth and mouths come into contact with different types of foodstuffs all the time. Over time, one may notice their teeth becoming yellow or brown and this may derail their smile. Luckily, this is not a permanent condition as you can easily find teeth whitening experts and have them restore your smile. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures that offer a fast and affordable way or restoring your bright smile. You are not limited to any options when going about teeth whitening procedures and it helps to have some background information about it so that when you go to the experts, you understand what you want. Read on;

    Bleaching Vs Whitening 

    In most cases, these two terms are often confused and used interchangeably but they do not signify the same thing. Teeth bleaching refers to instances where the teeth need to be whitened beyond their natural colour. It also refers to procedures where the products used contain bleach, specifically hydrogen peroxide or any related substance. On the other hand, teeth whitening refers to procedures where an expert restores a tooth’s natural surface colour by removing any debris that might be the cause of the discolouration. Looking at that definition, a teeth whitener is any substance that is used to clean the teeth, for instance toothpaste.

    Teeth Whitening Options 

    The effects of teeth whitening can last up to ten years depending on your lifestyle and how often you clean the teeth. Here are some of the ways to get teeth white;

    Laser Bleaching 

    In some cases, bleaching agents are used to make the teeth white especially when the effects of food debris and dirt particles have had a huge impact on your teeth colour. This process is also known as in surgery whitening and involves the use of concentrated gels being applied to the teeth before being enhanced by the power of lasers. These gels are activated by laser light and the process can take up to forty minutes, after which the results will be seen instantly.

    Tray Whitening 

    In this method, the whitening gel is placed in a guard that is custom made to feet one’s teeth. This guard is then worn for a set period depending on the gel being used. The time ranges from a week to a month. Keep in mind that you do not have to wear the tray for the entire period and just doing it for one hour every day for a week can yield significant results. This method is relatively cheaper and one can target the upper or lower teeth. However, it has the downfall or taking long for the results to be seen and this can make the teeth sensitive.

    Over the Counter Products 

    You can come across several products being sold today and the manufacturers claiming that they can make your teeth white. Well, some of them can do that but remember that you need to consult the teeth whitening experts before using any of them. Your oral health is very sensitive and using a product that is not approved can really damage your teeth and gums. You should teeth your oral health the same as if you were going for a health check-up . If you feel that using the products being sold over the counters is your preferred option for getting your teeth white, consult the experts before resorting to any particular one.

    Finding the Best Teeth Whitening Experts 

    Nowadays, you will see several dental experts who claim that they can get your teeth white within a set period. Well, not all these people are reliable and you need to find the best one. Some of the best even provide teeth whitening for dental veneers. Here are the tips;


    When looking at your options, find out the number of years an expert has been in practise before hiring them. Keep in mind that the rookies who are fresh from dentistry school might not be bad but going for them is taking a gamble that could easily backfire. You will pay some significant amount for teeth whitening services and you need to get the best value for your money. Experienced teeth whitening experts have been dealing with patients for a long time and are better poised to offer you the best services.


    All dentists try to portray their services as the best and this is understandable since they want to lure customers and get ahead of the competition. The best way of finding out whether these claims are true is by checking out what people who have used their services have to say. The internet is a very useful resource for finding out this kind of information and you can go on the independent review sites and see how they are being rated. You can check out the review section on their site but be careful since some of these experts hide the bad reviews and leave the positive ones.


    Different experts will charge differently based on the teeth whitening procedure and services they offer. This way, it pays to check the price they offer and compare it to what others are charging. While cheap charges always indicate cheap services, do not be forced to pay a lot of money for these services. Beware of the experts that also charge lowly since this might be an indication that their services are not top notch and most of the products they use are of low quality. It is only logical since no firm would want to offer you teeth whitening services at a loss.

    Some of the essential things that come into play when looking for a tooth whitening service have been mentioned. Keep in mind that regardless of how informed you can be, finding the right expert is fundamental to how the process turns out. Always take your time and analyse your options carefully before selecting one. Once you get the best, you will get the value for your money and the results of your teeth whitening procedure will be long lasting and have minimal side effects to your teeth.


    Why You Should Consider A Hungarian Dentist Clinic

    Posted by Robert Kennell on September 21, 2018

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    When you are looking for a new dentist you will find that it can be a challenge to find a clinic that can treat you properly. This is when you should know more about why you need to consider a Hungarian dentist clinic. Once you know why you should consider this location, it will allow you to start to look at the different clinics that are in your area and know that you are able to find the place that is often going to provide you with the treatment you need to have, but also make it easier for you to start to feel better about the dentist office and the work that you decide to get done on your teeth or gums and know the treatment will be done to the highest level of standard.

    High Level Of Treatment You Will Get 

    When you are at these locations you will notice that the locations tend to follow the highest level of treatment practices. This is something that is going to make it easier for you to get the treatment you need to have and know you are going to get the proper treatment. So you will want to make sure you are aware of the different ways the treatment is completed and know that it will help you in getting the look that you want to have for your teeth and know it will be the treatment you need to have as well.
    What else you will enjoy the Hungarian Dentist Clinic is the fact that you are going to be able to get the latest advances in technology. While you may think this is a little odd to say since you would be in a different style location, you need to realize this is a great way to get the treatment you need to have and potentially get the latest treatments from the advances in technology that has been made over the years.

    Speed Which The Treatment Will Be Completed 

    Often when you go to a dental clinic you do not want to be stuck in the location all day. However, what you will find is some of the locations you are going to have a very long wait period and this means your anxiety about the treatment and what it should start to happen will usually go up and this can make you even more nervous about getting the dental treatment you need to have. Since this is the case, you will want to make sure you know that you can find these locations to be very timely in what they are doing and how you are going to be treated.
    Now, you may think that because of the different ways the treatment is being done and the speed which you are being seen the treatment is not going to be done properly. However, this is not the case and in fact, this is a place that believes in giving you the fastest treatment humanely possible, but at the same time, they do not want to sacrifice your care either. So you will get the best of both worlds as the treatment will be completed quickly and the level of treatment will be done properly.

    Cost Of The Treatment Is Reasonable 

    When you are looking at the clinics here you may think the treatment is going to cost you a fortune. However, this is not the case and actually, the treatment you are going to get tends to be quite a bit more affordable than what you would think. This allows you to get the treatment to improve your look, but at the same time will make it easier for you to get the treatment you need to have quickly and easily.
    Now, this does not meant that all the treatment options are going to be low in price, but you will find the majority of the treatment options will be affordable and this means you can finally get your teeth and smile to look great at times. Since this is the case, you will need to know this is an easy way for you to get the treatments and finally be able to enjoy the treatments that are being completed.

    Different Types Of Treatments Allowed 

    While you may think the treatment options will be limited at the Hungarian Dentist Clinic you need to realize this is not the case. In fact, you will notice that you can get almost all of the typical treatments you would expect to get at the dental offices anywhere else in the world from the root canals to fillings, to cleanings. However, what you will find is the majority of these clinics will keep up with all the latest changes in technology as well as to guarantee you are getting the proper treatment.

    Professional Staff To Do The Treatment 

    Often when you are looking at the staff you will find that the treatment is often done by a professional. This will make it easier for you to get the right treatment and know that this is  completely handled and done by a staff that is fully trained and capable of getting the work done. Then you will not feel bad about getting the treatment you want to have from the professionals that are staffing the clinic and know they are going to be able to provide you the proper care that you need to have.
    Being able to get the proper treatment for your mouth is a good thing. Sometimes, though, you will want to know more about the reasons why you would need to consider the Hungarian Dentist Clinic. By knowing these reasons it will be easier for you to find the best dental office to provide you with the treatment you need to have to protect your teeth and know that you are going to get the repairs done properly for your teeth as well. So this makes it easier for you to get the proper treatment and know your smile will be looking great.

    What Are Some New Teeth Whitening Procedures?

    Posted by Robert Kennell on July 25, 2018

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    Regardless if you drink or eat things consistently that can stain your teeth, your teeth are likely to lose their luster at some point. Luckily, there are ways you can effectively whiten your teeth utilizing various procedures, treatments, and products. In this article, we will be going over some of the different new teeth whitening procedures and products available on the marketplace to optimise your teeth whitening efforts.

    Different and New Teeth Whitening Procedures and Products: 

    1. Mouthwash (Less Effective) 

    While this can be a good product to get into your routine if you are looking to improve your smile and maintain a healthy white smile, it is not going to effectively remove stains that you have accumulated over the years. Because of this, it is not a recommended treatment option if you are simply looking to get whiter teeth fast. While you should still utilize this type of product in your teeth care routine, you will need to invest in much stronger treatments or procedures to get the lasting results that you are likely seeking.

    2. Whitening Toothpaste (Somewhat Effective) 

    Whitening toothpaste is another product that you will likely be considering on the marketplace as it is consistently being marketed by all of the major toothpaste manufacturers. These products are somewhat effective because they are products you will be using on a consistent basis. While they will work at lifting stains properly, they are not going to provide the long lasting results that you are likely seeking in your whitening efforts. However, these toothpaste products are great for teeth whitening maintenance. Therefore, you should find a good toothpaste with the proper whitening ingredients like peroxide and even kaolin clay to achieve the best results with it.

    3. Whitening Kits With Gel (Less Effective) 

    Whitening kits are products on the market that do work. However, their effectiveness is diminished because the use of these kits and the success rate depends largely on the user. If the user is not consistent with the kit usage nor responsible enough to follow the directions exactly as described, the kit can become useless. Peroxide is an effective whitening ingredient. However, when it is not used for the proper duration, it can become completely useless for the task of whitening teeth. Therefore, the directions must be followed exactly to achieve the kind of whitening results that you want from these kits.

    3. White strips (More Effective) 

    Whitening strips are much more effective primarily because they apply the peroxide directly to your teeth and it is much easier to keep the treatment on your teeth for the specified time that is needed to see results. These strips are effective at everything from lifting daily stains to stains you have accumulated over the years.


    4. Philips Zoom QuickPro (Very Effective) 

    This particular procedure is fairly new and it offers exceptional results for those that are looking for long lasting whitening results. This procedure offers innovative technology that effectively opens the pores of the teeth in order to allow the peroxide to be able to penetrate deep into the teeth to brighten the smile. However, the treatment is going to be more for those that have lighter stains on the teeth. The procedure is not entirely effective for those that need a lot of stains removed. Typically, you would utilise another take-home type of whitening treatment in order to maintain the results.

    5. Philips Zoom Whitespeed (Very Effective) 

    This is perhaps one of the most expensive procedures that you can invest in when it comes to getting your teeth whitened. However, the procedure happens to be the most effective at the same time. This procedure takes around 45 minutes and it will end up brightening your smile up to 8 shades. The treatment works by leveraging the use of LED light technology and by providing you with take-home whitening trays for maintenance. Typically, the results should last anywhere up to 5 years.

    6. BriteSmile (Very Effective) 

    This is another very effective in-office procedure that will be provided by a dentist. This type of method has been used for years. This procedure operates much like Philips Zoom by utilising a combination of gel and a blue light in order to achieve the whitening results. The procedure should take around one hour to complete.

    Learn more at

    7. Lumibrite (Very Effective) 

    This is another procedure on the market that works to effectively whiten your teeth. It helps those that might be dealing with teeth sensitivities. It utilises both whitening gel and a whitening light in order to penetrate and whitening teeth. Because the procedure was designed for the use of those with sensitivities, it does not emit or use harmful UV rays. Instead, the gel is made to be concentrated and strong enough to work on its own without light activation.



    8. Opalescence (Very Effective) 

    With this treatment, you utilise a 40% concentrated gel containing peroxide. However, it does counteract the heavy use of peroxide with high levels of potassium nitrate which can help minimise sensitivities that you might experience. Along with this, it contains fluoride as well which can help to strengthen enamel simultaneously. You can also get pre-made trays meant for teeth whitening if you wish either to use on their own or to combine and use as a maintenance product to maintain a brighter smile for a longer duration.

    Overall, there are a lot of different products and/or new teeth whitening procedures that you can choose from if you are looking to whiten your teeth. Typically, you will be able to achieve the best results by investing in and implementing a combination of the different products and procedures discussed above. Being able to find the right treatment for you is key.

    If you are dealing with major sensitivities in your teeth, you will likely want to opt for less invasive and less harsh new teeth whitening procedures. The treatments that contain a lot of peroxides and that utilise harmful UV rays can be rough on sensitive teeth. Therefore, you want to find a treatment like Lumibrite which will help you get whiter teeth without having to worry about the sensitivities.

    Preparing For Cosmetic Surgery Appointments

    Posted by Robert Kennell on June 27, 2018

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    Preparing for cosmetic surgery appointments can be as important as having the elected procedure performed. Follow these 10 steps to ensure that you are properly prepared and that you make the most of your initial consultation.

    Step 1 – Your Requirements 

    It is essential to be very certain regarding what you want to change and how you want to change it. Research the different types of procedures that may meet your requirements before making an appointment. Knowledge is power and if you go into a consultation knowing what you want you can discuss the different options available with the surgeon in an informed manner.

    Step 2 – Finding A Surgeon 

    Once you have decided what you want, you can start looking for a qualified, skilled and experienced surgeon. Keep in mind that some surgeons specialize in performing certain procedures or are simply more experienced than others. It is preferable to find a surgeon that is skilled in the specific area or procedure that you want. For example, a surgeon who regularly performs a rhinoplasty (nose job) may not be as skilled at performing a tummy tuck.

    Step 3 – Making The Appointment 

    If you are looking to find an expert surgeon, it is more than likely that they are very busy and it may be months before they are able to fit you in for an appointment. So schedule a consultation as soon as possible and ensure that you are put on the waiting list should there be any last minute cancellations.

    Step 4 – Scope Out The Rooms 

    If possible, make your cosmetic surgery appointments in person so that you can scope out the consulting rooms. Consider whether you are treated in a professional manner and that you feel comfortable with the surroundings. Are the rooms sanitary and hygienic? Do the staff exude an air of confidence and professionalism?

    Apart from choosing a cosmetic specialist who is qualified skilled and experienced, you should also feel comfortable with your doctor and his staff as well as trust them. Follow your gut feel and if something doesn’t feel or look right, don’t go ahead with your cosmetic surgery appointments and rather reschedule with another practitioner.

    Step 5 – Questions And Concerns 

    Make a list of all the questions and concerns that you have in preparation for your cosmetic consult. This will help ensure that you don’t forget any of the important questions you need to ask as well as provide you with as much information as possible.

    Step 6 – What To Expect 

    Find out what you should expect at your initial consultation. You may need to complete a medical information form when you arrive at your appointment so make sure that you have all the necessary information available. They will require personal information, medical insurance information as well as a medical history.

    This info will include whether you have any allergies, medical conditions, are taking any medications and have had any type of surgery and operations in the past (not just cosmetic). If possible, find out if you can complete all the necessary documents before your actual consultation arrives to save time.

    The doctor will first discuss the type of procedure that will be most suitable and perform a physical exam. It is advisable to wear loose clothing that is easy to remove if you are planning for a cosmetic operation on your body. The doctor will discuss your medical history as well as your questions and concerns.

    Step 7 – Keep A Record 

    You may want to take a notepad and pen along to the consultation or record the conversation if the doctor will allow this. You can keep important notes that you can refer to at a later date.

    Step 8 – Lower Your Expectations 

    While cosmetic surgery is the ultimate means of altering your appearance, it is not a miracle cure and can’t provide absolute change. So lower your expectations before the consult and don’t expect the doctor to be able to turn you into Kate Moss if you are 5ft tall and curvy.

    Step 9 – Financial Planning 

    Not all medical insurance or plans will cover the cost of elective surgery and you will probably need to pay for it yourself. So find out what the entire procedure will cost including:

    • – The surgeon’s fees.
    • – Theatre fees.
    • – The anaesthetist (if necessary)
    • – Hospital, clinic or other facilities will charge especially if you need to stay overnight or a few days in order to monitor your recovery or if there were any complications.
    • – The cost of all medical materials, drugs and other disposable tools that will be used.
    • – Fees for any specialists that may need to attend the operation or assist you in recovery afterwards.
    • – Cost of each of the necessary cosmetic surgery appointments.

    Ask your doctor if they provide financing where you can pay for your cosmetic operation on a monthly basis. If your appointment is months down the line, you can start paying before you have had your initial consultation. Discuss other financial options with your doctor.

    Step 10 – Location 

    It isn’t always possible to get cosmetic specialist consultations near where you live, especially if you are opting to use the best doctors who could be located far from you. Make sure that you are able to make the necessary travel arrangements to and from the various consults as well as for accommodation should this be required.

    Keep in mind that you will have follow-up consults after the surgery while you are recovering. Choose accommodation where you will be comfortable and relaxed and that will enhance your healing. There are centres that are specifically dedicated to providing care and a healing environment after surgical procedures that may be your best option.

    Remember that just because you are having an initial consultation does not necessarily mean that you have decided to go through with the entire process. Don’t feel pressured into making a decision and go home and consider all the facts carefully. Many people who are certain that they want a cosmetic procedure often change their minds after the first consultation.

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